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Notes on the photos

Thank you Andrew K for corrections and suggestions as to who, and where, some of the photos were of. I think that I remember seeing some other photos from this film and that it was the year that Alice and Christopher got engaged. I will find out from Mother because she should know!
Celia and Alice punting on the Cam 1950ish

Found some negatives...

Ive added some of the pictures from some negatives I found in an envelope labeled Christopher's photos. I guess that someone has got a print of these in thier album but if not feel free to download these for your self.
Not sure who or where. Any Ideas Anyone? Is it the back of Beechcroft ?
Andrew Kendon on the Cam 1950ish
Nick,Maisie and John Stephens in Ledbury? 1950ish


Another blog enters the fray... but this is set down by a bloggy virgin... never been to another or thought about setting up one till I got caught up in the rapidly expanding family of Googlestuff, Picasa, Hello and all that jazz. I'll see what happens, might fall in love? but how long will that last!? I'll give it a try for a while
Caricknath moonlit night