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North American Adventure or self indulgent behaviour?

May be it is the old Quaker genes finding an outlet, or maybe it is because since my earliest days I have had my  travel through Africa, Asia and Europe paid for me, but I have always felt hesitant about spending money on travelling purely for my own pleasure! Well, I have come to the conclusion that now is the time to break the habit of a lifetime, I have even got some dubious justifications to back me up...
I have passed the half century...I am told that fifty is supposed to be the "new forty and strangely,I feel younger every year...It is quite possible that before I know it I will have regressed to my teenage years, and further...  and that will mean that the children will be tending to my every need and clearing up after me... (please take note boys :-)) So, I needed to gather my courage and do something exciting before it happened!
As a result of this slightly peculiar train of thought I came up with a plan to cross the N American continent from West to East. 
As those who kno…