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A bit of research 'Wot I have written up' ...for a relatively small market!

This is the book for you... if you are descended from Archibald or Jessie Orr Hill! My guess is that there are about 100 of us... so if you are (or if you are not!) you can preview and order a copy or two from the link below.

Archibald and Jessie Orr Hill by Mark Stephens | Make Your Own Book

This is a story about a family who are on the sidelines of (or perhaps are sidelined by?) a successful business and their struggle to create a separate business life which involves adventure, tragedy and sadness and finally some success.

A month aboard Tin Tin

As my friends on FB will know I have had a very relaxed year visiting Spain and France and doing a lot of sailing in Paul's new toy... TIN TIN.
Here are two links to his blog... 1 and 2

This is my photographic record of the trip from Arzal-barrage up the coast of Brittany and across to Cornwall