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More evidence of time spent on Genealogy!

I have just found out how to post a links to books published via Blurb. Here is one I put together based around the memoires of my Scottish Grandmother. If you really would like a copy (or two?) you should be able to order through this link.

Memories of Two Scottish Families by Transcribed and Edited by Mark Stephens | Make Your Own Book

November leaves in reflective mood

scenes captured on my phone's camera today

Things Are looking up!

Another gem from my genealogical work.

Astonishingly my father was the fourth generation of eldest sons to die younger than their fathers. I am very happy to say that the next generation has at last stopped a 100 year decline in longevity!
The last direct male ancestor on my father's side who lived longer than his father was;
                          John Stephens IV who lived to 89 yrs (1786-1875). his son               John Stephens V lived 83 yrs (1819-1903) his son               John Gilbert Stephens lived 79 yrs (1862-1942) his son               John Sturge Stephens lived 63 yrs (1891-1954) his son.              John Christopher Stephens lived 47 yrs (1928-1975)

Love and tragedy in WWII...

During the time away from my blogging I have progressively been sucked into the 'Who Do You Think You Are' fad and have been searching for an exciting history hidden away in my ancestral lines.  Try as I might, and I have tried, I have failed to spice up the family history with tales of murder, crime, infidelity (not much recorded anyway), heroics, fame, or any other form of notoriety!  But what of tragedy you may be asking? Until now I had come across one case, of a sad suicide, perhaps a story for another blog as it reportedly involves a passing acquaintance with the historian AJP Taylor, but that will need some more research before I write it up. However, I did come across a truly tragic story of the death of a 1st cousin twice removed.
My great great aunt Gertrude Violet Todman was the youngest of seven children and was born in late 1879 in New Church Rd, Camberwell. Her parents were 40 and 38 when she was born but her father, who had worked as a die sinker, died soon after…