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New photos album..... Panama to the Galapagos

I am now officially in the Pacific after crossing through the Panama canal. I thought you might like to look at my latest photo album/blog. is the link to it. I will be adding more to the album as and when I can get access to the internet. If you sign up as a follower of the album you will be notified when it is updated.

New photo album has been started

Use the following link to go to the Panama to Tahiti album...  As with the previous albums if you use the option to follow you will get updates when new content is added.  There may be a large gap after we leave Panama as we don't know what internet access we will get in the Galapagos, and then there will be a 3+ week gap when we sail from the Galapagos to our land fall on French Polynesia, Hiva Oa.

Tin Tin's 1st coral atoll anchorage...

If you have checked our position using this website page, you might already have seen that we negotiated our way through some fairly narrow channels in the coral surrounding a set of islands just off the coast of Panama and anchored in calm waters just a mile or so away from the boiling cauldron and roar emanating from the reef where the waves come to an abrupt halt as they end their journey across the Caribbean Sea. Driven by the trade winds..... We anchored in what has been dubbed the 'swimming pool' just off 'BBQ island'.. Dubbed by the yachties who frequent this rather idyllic spot. We dropped anchor in 4m of water onto a pure white sand bottom and I could actually see the anchor dig in, the water was so clear. There were two other yachts already anchored here and we have since been joined by two catamarans. There is a 1.5 knts current flowing and the wind has abated to 30 knts! The current is caused by the v…

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Tin Tin has anchored off a small town close to Cabo de Vehlo (Cape of the sail) in Columbia. Clocks now set to GMT -5hrs. It's windy.. and 8 kite boarders are making fill use of it! We will stay here for a few hours before continuing towards Cartagena.