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Training - - of sorts!

I took a sunny 25 mile ride around Bedfordshire to keep in touch with what a bike feels like. The Doom Bar half way refreshment was appropriate as I was wearing my Kernow jersey as supplied by It was also the first outing for my Foska hi-viz water/wind proof top which did its job with the wind at least. I might have to invest in some long warm cycling tights and gloves if this bizarre behavior persists over the next few months!!

End to End Malaria, continuing to Cycle for Life

Cacassonne 2

The chilly weather was only a short aclimatisation aid... we were soon up in the 30's with warm winds and unbroken sunshine...

We took a trip to Perpgnan airport to deliver A and her parents for their flight home and then headed back to Leucate Plage to rescue N & G from the exfoliating sand blast on the beach and have lunch served by a waiter with an impenentrable accent and a fag in his mouth!
We made an early morning raid on Carcassonne Castle and were leaving as busses were unloading the hordes...

Carcassonne summer.....

Its f***ing COLD and windy! It was suppossed to be sunny and sweltering! Never mind at least the chocolate is good here :-)

Graduation 2010

The 15th of July was a day I had thought, on several occasions, might never happen! But Matt pulled out all the stops over the past year and to exceed many peoples expectations and get a 'Desmond' (2:2). Proud parents were there to celebrate the end of  4 long years and the beginning of the next chapter in life. Well done my boy!

Silverstone - here we come!

is where I'm heading this week end!

London to Brighton - Spotted along the way

Passing through a 'chocloate box' Sussex village  The (race to the) Finish...

London to Brighton Bike Ride 2

The team at the end of 54 miles of fun!

London to Brighton 2010 Cycle

The 'Zen will limit Karmas' team completed the London to Brighton Bike ride without mishap and took a paddle in the sea to cool off weary legs.  All donations are welcome and go to the British Heart Foundation.

Updated 6th August... we have raised over £3000before adding tax relief

Christmas 2010 and the river was rising fast!

500mm of rain in 6 days had a dramatic efect on the Genal river. The 1st picture was on the 23rd Dec. and the 2nd on the 24th..

Idle Rocks webcam for St Mawes

ST Mawes has another live webcam which is well wrth a look

Cycle ride to Brighton

I shall be cycling the London to Brighton route on Sunday 20th June along with 25,999 others.

All donations are welcome through

There was some doubt in my mind, when I agreed to do this 10 weeks ago, whether I would manage to get fit enough to stay in touch with my 4 fit team members but with the aid of lycra, St Piran, a bike service and some regular practice rides round the Bedfordshire countryside I think it might just be possible! The real challenge will be to stay on the bike all the way to the top of Ditchling beacon! The odds seem to be heavily against us achieving this due to the sheer numbers of other cyclists..... or

Long time away

Well it seems as if i have not been back to this blog for nearly 6 years and a lot has happened since then! I was just moving from wood to coalite for the central heating back then... during hte winter of 2008/9 the back boiler started leaking and finally gave up in April 09 after long service and abuse! Now joined the Gas Brigade and no longer have to empty ash on alternate days which is liberating :-).