A month aboard Tin Tin

As my friends on FB will know I have had a very relaxed year visiting Spain and France and doing a lot of sailing in Paul's new toy... TIN TIN.
Here are two links to his blog... 1 and 2

This is my photographic record of the trip from Arzal-barrage up the coast of Brittany and across to Cornwall

Last night in Arzal

Arzal - Belle ile de Mer and meeting Uncle Nick and Aunty Helen

Sunny, warm and relaxed.. despite the wheel still dropping off at inconvenient moments!

Groix sunset, tallship, and meeting the 1st group of extra crew in Benodet

Ile du Loc'h views with Tin Tin

Flora from Ile St Nicholas 

Ile de Penfret

Ile St Nick summers evening

Ushant to St Mawes is 35 leagues... sort of... but it IS due North!

Arrived at destination to a St Mawes sunset.


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