18th Aug Grouse Mt

18th Aug Grouse Mt
We ventured across the water to North Van and Grouse Mt to undertake the infamous Grouse Mt Grind....a 1000ft direct ascent of the Vancouver playground (skiing during winter, hiking, biking and zip lining during summer).
As we went up to the base of the climb on a bus, we were overtaken by and ambulance and fire truck which we then found at the base of the trail after a visitor had had a heart attack about half way up the path. This turned out to be a blessing,for us at least, as we had to find an alternative route, the BCMC, which was not the straight line up the mountain but a much nicer route through the forest away from the teasing view of the gondola zooming up and down overhead. We arrived at the top in good shape and headed straight for the cafeteria! Large cold drinks and chips went down vey well :-)

We then joined the large number of slightly less fit people in a wander around the 'attractions' at the top of the mountain. There is an enclosure where two grizzly bears live, an exhibition of eagles and hawks and a very lively if rather embarrassingly (for British tastes anyway) staged lumberjack show which to give it it's due does demonstrate most of the skills needed in the lumber industry which is so dominant in BC.
In the evening we made our way to visit Lena, Ruby and their cousin, Jane at Peter and Nona's house. Jane and I had a good chat about Rowat history and I showed her photos I have scanned from the 4 suitcases that Aunty Rachel has.

Jane very kindly offered us use of their house in Whistler and gave us some ideas of good hikes to do on our way to Jasper.

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