Equipment for adventure...

AR Ultralite 2
I don't want to lug a heavy load around on my travels so am aiming to keep all my katundu below 15kg. Might not be possible but that is my target.

This is the tent I shall be learning to live in for a fair amount during the course of my N American adventure. A Mountain Equipment AR Ultralite 2 weighing in at 1.5kg which is not as ultra light as you can get but does have a greater resistance to water which I hope I will appreciate when it pours as it seems likely to do! I may leave the poles behind and use my Leki walking poles instead which will reduce the weight by 200g! I will also carry a lightweight sleeping mat which rolls up very small and only weighs 750g.
Jetboil Flash | Carbon

This is the minimalist stove which weighs 425g and is ideal for all the freeze-dry food I'll pick up in Vancouver to keep me going between the occasional coffee shop or fast food place I might happen to drop into.... for the free wifi so I can update this blog, not for the breakfast pancakes or muffins or the odd burger and fries! (By the way these pictures are not to scale :-).

I will be having a trial run with all the equipment on William & Elizabeth's nice smooth lawn before I leave.... Its too late to change my mind if I don't like it!  

I tested out the tent , mat and other bits 'n' pieces last night (see picture).

Now I know that I can fit myself and backpack comfortably inside, though if it is extremely wet that will make it more interesting! William and Elizabeth discovered that there is more room in this tent than in 'Lucy', their VW campervan.

I have a few last bits to get, a warm but light weight jacket, some longjohns, a waterproof/warm hat and a waterproof bag or two for camera, phone etc. 


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