The Great Raft construction..... Isla Casaya, Las Perlas

Following our visit to Mogo Mogo island where the Bear Grylls Survivor programme is filmed, we thought about how we would manage in the same situation. Today, we all went ashore to explore the beach we are anchored off, on the island of Casaya in the Las Perlas archipelago.

Our thoughts so turned to survival (and escape!). We started to search the debris line for suitable materials to construct a raft from which we could fish, or journey to neighbouring islands. It wasn't long before I found a large log and gave it a hearty kick to get it rolling down the beach.... It turned out to be a log of balsa so extremely light weight and with great buoyancy! We quickly sourced a long bamboo for an outrigger and two other shorter lengths of branch for stretchers whilst Emily returned with the perfect rope to allow us to make good strong lashings.. So within two hours of landing we had a working raft which Justin and I then paddled out to Tin Tin to fetch a hook and line for a bit of fishing.

No fish caught.. But Paul, Justin and Emily then attempted to make fire using the two stick method... They did generate some heat but not enough to create an ember... We will return in the evening with matches!


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