Bettles to Vancouver in 24hrs (14th-15th Aug)

Bettles to Vancouver in 24hrs (14th-15th Aug)

We left Bettles for the 15 min flight back to Prospect Creek in an Arctic Airways twin engined plane, crammed with almost all our luggage and with Hannah in the copilots seat. The remaining luggage would be flown on the same plane to Fairbanks for us to pick up lat in the day.

Once back at the cars we crammed ourselves in and headed home, I joined Tim in his car and we set off for Fairbanks and Anchorage 500 miles away. We stopped for a late lunch and refuel at the Yukon crossing on the Dalton Highway (hamburgers and all things bad!).

Mike and I craftily hijacked Tim's car and his cd collection leaving Tim and Michelle to play movies in their car to keep the 4 younger members of the expedition happy and occupied. Mike drove the road to Fairbanks where we collected the luggage from an almost closed Airways hanger at the edge of the airport. A quick refuel and we continued on to Anchorage. Tim and Michelle left us far behind and we had intermittent contact via mobile checking on progress and we didn't see them until we stopped to refuel and withdraw cash on the outskirts of Anchorage where quite by chance we drew up behind them at the garage!

We finally arrived at the house at about 00:30 and quickly unpacked both cars after having got the 4 younger members off to bed. I went to check my documents and pack for the morning only to find that I couldn't find my passport and driving licence.. I remembered having it in Bettles before we set off on the trip and remarking that I wouldn't need to have my ID on the river and then putting it somewhere safe. An hour later with Tim,Michelle and Mike all helping search I found it tucked into the top of my sleeping bag (I had borrowed Nancy's as mine was not warm enough for the Arctic climes). I finally got to bed at 02:30 after checking emails and doing some online banking getting up again at 08:00 for breakfast a final round of goodbyes and a lift to the airport with Mike for my 10:30 flight to Vancouver via Seattle.
My 24 day Alaskan adventure had come to an end.

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