Tues 2nd August 2011 (63.746N 150.1196W)

Tues 2nd August 2011 (63.746N 150.1196W)

The 1st of August was mostly a day for shopping and stocking up ahead of our trip to Denali and on to the Gates of the Arctic National Park. The
Kenyan Thomas's and I love REI... But it is dangerous kind of attraction! REI is an outdoor equipment store on a vast scale. Everything you have ever dreamed of for your biking, hiking, camping and climbing needs and loads of stuff I didn't know existed but instantly know I ought to have! I was very restrained bearing in mind that I am limiting my luggage to 15kg, so only bought some gas for my stove, a gps and a replacement for the hat I left in Glacier Bay. When I say hat, I mean a Seattle Sombrero which is wide brimmed, breathable, and waterproof. I gather that Seattle is much like any of the north west coast of N America in that it rains a lot... I am writing this from inside my tent at 22:45 and it has been raining since I woke up this morning in Anchorage!

Back to yesterday. After satisfying ourselves with purchases at outdoor equipment heaven, I took Hannah home so she could go to a party, and then went on to pick up Tim from work so we could go and see the new house they have bought up on the higher slopes of Anchoage (61.098N, 149.709W). It is a large house on 3 floors, nestled at 1200ft, just below the tree line under Flatop Mountain, with the most amazing views in all directions. West over the city and over the ocean, about 80 miles, to distant mountains and volcanoes, and East up the valley for several miles to the high peaks. It is a very windy location! And will be fun getting up the steep hills to it the depths of winter.

After supper back in the current house, Tim and I struggled to get a roof box fitted to the car being hampered by the rain starting and being visited by a moose who was wandering through the gardens browsing on all the tasty offerings. They move very quietly! We were rather shocked to see it wander up between the cars just 10 ft from us! Anyway, we fixed the roof box and went to bed rather late.

Tim and Michelle are working this week so Alex and Hannah have sworn an oath of obedience to the man in the 'green and black hat'.... whilst we are traveling.

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