Juneau Sunday 24th July

Juneau Sunday 24th July

After being dropped off at the hostel it took a little while for me to realize that it was shut until 17:00 and that there was a storage room round the back for luggage. Once I had dropped the bag off I went down town to try and find a way to get to Gustavus on Monday. On the way I found an outdoor shop and got a proper map of the Juneau area showing the route of 'hikes' up the mountains surrounding the town and the Mendenhall glacier which comes down into the northern suburbs of the town. Also remembered to get a gas canister for the stove.

The sea front is totally dominated by the vast cruise ships which tower over the town. It seems that the passengers generally don't stray more than a street or two on foot but are busses en masse to the various attraction before getting back for their obligatory shopping in the mortise of jewelry and fur stores. Exactly the same ones that they get to see in Ketchikan and, I suspect, all the stops down the cruise itinerary.

I have come to Tarantino's Italian just down the hill from the hostel. It's run by Chinese. Tried another Alaskan brewery beer, this time their Amber 'alternative style ale' which is ok. The carbonnara was not the best and the salad was drowned in dressing and I couldn't eat more than half the enormous serving of garlic bread!

I will go for a walk down town now to see what it looks like with all the cruise ships gone. The hostel has a very strict regime and I must be back before 11 pm otherwise it's sleeping on the street. I hope I don't keep my room mates awake :-$ tonight....

Setting off tomorrow morning at seven to catch a ferry to Glacier Bay and I need to book a taxi to the ferry terminal before it gets too late.

Ps. There are more photos if you follow the link from a previous blog!

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Elizabeth said…
Hi Mark. Just been catching up on all your adventures and photos. All very exciting and amazing only a week since you left! Had a good weekend with S & A here, sunshine, butterflies, walking and eating. Rather better weather than last weekend! Though sounds as though the rain was useful to check your waterproof before departure. Thanks for message about return flight. Did you actually book the one you talked about via Iceland? I had 2 Oct in my mind as possible return date?
Antaeus skyped the other night and Tim shouted hello too.
Looking forward to your next instalments
E xx

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