Departure day slips again...

Another eventful week of  extended deadlines and delays.... we thought that it might've been possible to set off with a grand party to wave us goodbye on Saturday.... sadly that will not be possible... But, looking on the POSITIVE side of it all, it has meant that we are now more prepared than we would otherwise have been. 

We have; 
  • refurbished the rear lazaret seals and latches so that they should be watertight and are now lockable. 
  • supplemented the existing anchoring equipment by adding a new length of chain, 60m, together with 40m of anchor rope to create a new main anchor rode. This should allow us to anchor in depths of up to 30m. We removed the old 35m of chain from the forward chain locker, attached a new 45m anchor rope to make our secondary anchor rode, and relocated it to the starboard lazaret.  We have always commented on the slight list to Port due to the position of the generator and hope that putting the chain on the opposite side of the boat will reduce the listing a bit. 
  • had the old fridge compressor and cooling plater emplaned and the fridge reconfigured to provide dedicated freezer and fridge compartments. Each compartment has its own thermostat and the freezer should be able to get down to at least -10C if not further. The new compressor has the added benefit of being almost silent when running, a boon for those who will be sleeping in the saloon on occasions.
  • watched John and his team struggle with rejigging all the existing cabling and pipe work around the new engine. They are doing a good and thorough job but we can't help wishing it was all done and dusted!
  • had the centre plate sanded and anti fouled whilst Tin Tin was suspended in slings. It was interesting to see the shape of the plate fully extended as she floated in mid air.
  • tested the new hydraulic pump fitted to raise and lower the centre plate.
  • postponed various work parties of friends.
  • restarted the Iridium subscription and tested the position reporting which will allow our track to be published online.
  • attached the new fender suspenders ;-) bought at the Southampton boat show.
We still have to;
  • undertake seatials and test all new and modified equipment
  • do a massive clean above and below decks
  • stow all the stores which are waiting patiently in P&A's garage
  • refresh our memories on the workings of the SSB radio, the Iridium connections for email, weather and the occasional voice call.
  • get the refurbished main sheet car fitted and the forestay tightened a fraction by Jerry the Rigger.
  • have the radar transponder fitted
  • get the compass swung and corrected
One day fairly soon I hope to be able to report on our departure....
Tin Tin being maneuvered ready for hanging in slings overnight

last test of the newly painted bowthruster

removed, reshafted, refurbished and realigned


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