Light at the end of a long long tunnel!!

We didn't go to work on Tin Tin but stayed in Trotton doing other things.

I helped Paul fit new headboards to beds then went out and worked on some art... Well what might pass for art in some people's eyes!
I took the nicely planed and sanded scaffold plank, we will use as a passarelle, and inscribed TIN TIN in large letters by charring the surface of the wood.

I also added the MMSI number, 235111559, which is her personal ID and can be used by other ships to make direct calls over the radio without broadcasting to all and sundry. It can also be entered in sites like to search for Tin Tin's latest reported position using the AIS (Automatic Identification Signal) which is usually monitored up to 30-40 miles off shore, but won't report our position if we are further away than that from a receiving station.

The very good news is that the engine has been running this afternoon and we will take her out for a sea trial on Saturday morning! All being well, that should allow the engineers to get to work finishing off and tidying up at which point we can do a final clear out, and et on with the mammoth task of transferring the stockpile of foods onboard. Once that is completed we have to have the compass swung so that it is adjusted to the change in magnetic field induced by the new engine, and THEN we will get ready for a departure by looking at tides, and weather to time our FINAL departure from Portsmouth!

I shall post the departure date and time as soon as I know it!... don't forget you can easily track Tin Tin's progress, wherever she is in the world, by clicking on the link at the top of the page 'Where in the World is Tin Tin now???'


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