Enjoying the weather.... In Gosport...

As with most projects, the last things that need to be finished seem to be the ones that take the longest.  Currently this is tidying up the electronics associated with the engine installation. The new EVC connections have been established and we can now see engine data on the main navigation display, revs, temp, and pressure. What is proving difficult is to track down the source of the leaking current which means that something has a direct connection to the hull which shouldn't even the case! In a metal boat this is a significant hazard as over time this leakage causes the hull to lose material and get thinner... At the same time one display showing boat speed has decided to stop functioning, also not a good idea!

We have now loaded all the charts and 300kg of edible stores, are very happy with the new freezer/fridge set up which gets the freezer down to -15C and the fridge to at least 0C.. Ice cream in the Pacific would seem to be more of a realistic proposition than a figment of our imagination 😊
As we wait (im)patiently for everything to be completed we are keeping an anxious eye on the weather, it has been perfect for getting down the channel and across the Bay of Biscay but it can't last! The remnants of Hurricane Matthew are going to make their presence felt in the coming days and that could herald the start of a series of Atlantic lows sweeping in from the west which will make crossing Biscay a bit of a challenge.

We keep on putting back the departure date which is frustrating for us and all those who have been expecting to join us in the initial legs to the Canaries.

 Paul inspecting the centre plate prior to it being anti fouled (and the new bow wheel for driving up beaches ;-) )

 Paul and Justin working last week on the cleaning and repair of the rear gas and fuel lockers.

 Paul wondering inspecting the newly scrubbed decks.

 The scene as we left Tin Tin on Monday night.


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